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Outside In

Written by: Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by: Cindy Derby
Approximate read time: 8 minutes
Age group: 4 – 7
Rating: A –

A charming and beautifully-illustrated book, Outside In will make you feel connected to nature and cozy at the same time. It reads quickly but leaves a lasting message. The pace and tone are highly suitable for the bedtime routine. While not reliant on a strong plot line, it is nevertheless engaging through diction and imagery. We follow the protagonist as she comes to understand that we’ve transitioned to indoor lives, but the outside world was our first home, and that it is more relevant than ever. The elaborate, colorful illustrations could be considered artwork. This book is ideal for nature-loving folks and would make a nice, neutral gift for a friend or a sibling. You’ll find wholesome connections between the natural world and our indoor lives, and feel inspiration to explore the outdoors.

Did this book inspire a visit outside, what did your little one want to do first?

“Outside cuddles us in clothes, once puffs of cotton. It holds us in wooden chairs, once trees. We feel Outside in the warm weight of our cats and the rough fur of our dogs.”

Other information:
2020 Caldecott Honor Book
Published by: HMH Books
Number of pages: 40
Language: English

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