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The Very Very Very Long Dog

Written by: Julia Patton
Illustrated by: Julia Patton
Approximate read time: 7 minutes
Age group: 4 – 8
Rating: B+

The Very Very Very Long Dog is an endearing story about an exceptional dachshund, who’s behind is so far behind him, it causes a problem when he’s taken out for walks. He lives in a library and has many friends that come to visit. The resolution was on the tenuous side, but there is a plot with escalating events, and caring kids that help along the way. The illustrations are quite adorable, with plenty of color and use of the full page spreads to really drive home the conflict this sweet dog experiences. There is a subtle message about compassion and caring in a way that is accessible for even very young readers. 

Have you picked up this book? If so, I’d love to know what you thought about the end – no pun intended.

“One day, Bartleby’s reckless rear made so much mayhem that not even his friends could fix it this time. Bartleby heard yelling and shouting, and turned back to investigate. He would get to the bottom of this and find the culprit!”

Other information:
Published by: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Number of pages: 32
Language: English