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Something’s Wrong

Written by: Jory John
Illustrated by: Erin Kraan
Approximate read time: 9 minutes
Age group:  3 – 6
Rating: B+

The dialogue and the illustrations are sure to make you smile in this cute story. The reading is light and ideal for a bedtime story, following a structured plot with a funny climax. Our protagonist is a hilarious, self-dialoguing bear, who finds himself on a quest to find out just what is off about his day. The book has a modern feel, with exchanges you might expect from a comically-inclined writer. The dialogue reminded me a bit of this generation of animated movies, like Rio and Luca. While there is a theme of the appreciation of friendship, the story isn’t strongly driven by a moral lesson. The colorful illustrations are masterful; facial expressions on the characters are so beautifully done. This is a book you could easily pick up again and again. 

In addition, there is a mention of a gift from Grandmother. This makes the book great for inside joke potential. What did your little reader think of the final pages? We were all giggling! 

“Just be cool, man. Play it cool. Just another day. Don’t let them see you sweat. Um, why am I sweating so much?”

Other information:
Published by: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Number of pages: 40
Language: English