Can a Fish Climb a Tree: a Children’s Book about Achieving the Impossible!


Can a Fish Climb a Tree? 

A children’s book about achieving the seemingly impossible!

by Maria Martin.

Follow the incredible journey of a little fish that dares to climb a tree. She overcomes funny and relatable challenges to achieve the impossible, and learns a valuable lesson about doing things for the right reasons. It’s a classic underdog story – with a twist! It’s designed to appeal to kids ages three-and-up, but the grown-up kids love it too.

This is a story about curiosity, recovering from our mistakes gracefully, and doing things for the right reasons. As she sets out to climb a tree beyond the edge of her home within the lake, our protagonist will rely on her creativity, skills, and courage.

With all original, brightly-colored illustrations and easy-to-read text, this hardcover picture book is treat to read. The exterior has a matte finish cover, and the interior is printed on premium cardstock.

It is the perfect length for a bedtime story, and it rhymes!

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ISBN 978-1-7356240-9-9
Illustration preview
Illustration preview



This book spans 32 pages, the gold standard for children’s books. It’s ideal for a bedtime story, and reading it out loud takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. It has beautiful illustrations in full color. The pages are printed in 70-lb, premium-quality paper that feels good in your hands as you turn each page. It’s easy to read. It rhymes!

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0.25 in


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