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Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book

Written & illustrated by: Dr. Seuss
Approximate read time: 12 minutes
Age group: 5 – 8
Rating: A –

The Sleep Book is rhymed, illustrated, and whimsical in typical Dr. Seuss fashion. Read time is a little longer than your average bedtime story, taking about 12 minutes. The sing-song rhythm adequately matches the theme, encouraging little readers to think about sleep. The story explores a variety of unique creatures and their quirky bedtime routines, rather than relying on a structured plot. Along the way, we meet the Collapsible Frink, the Curious Crandalls, and perhaps the best of them all, the fabulous Foona-Lagoona Baboona. The illustrations are colorful, and more detailed than your average DS book. Since the story’s characters aren’t repeated throughout, there will be plenty for littles to point out and admire. It’s interesting enough for parents to read many times and incorporate into nightly book-reading sessions. There isn’t a teachable lesson that develops over a plot, but the story doesn’t suffer from it. The Sleep Book is a delightful read that’ll make you smile as you sound out the lyrical rhymes.

Did you have a favorite creature character? Was the book effective for getting them sleepy?

“Way out in the west, in the town of Mercedd,
The Hinkle-Horn Honking Club just went to bed.
Every horn has been quietly hung on a hook,
For the night, in its own private Hinkly-Horn Nook.”

Other information:
Published by: Random House
Number of pages: 64
Language: English

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