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by: Valencia Julien

Illustrations by: Sule Buse Basar
Approximate read time: 12 minutes
Age group: 5 – 9

Rating: A+

Giselle Learns About Alzheimer's. 
by: Valencia Julien
Giselle Learns About Alzheimer’s.
by: Valencia Julien

The best children’s books to read are those that tackle tough subjects, and this emerging author did so with a beautiful, heartwarming story. We’re introduced to the characters, and the overall theme, through the storyline of a little girl learning what Alzhemeir’s is. We get a simple but sufficient explanation of the condition, then how it affects her and the people around her. The value of caring relationships comes into play, as the girl makes a decision to further educate herself, seek out resources for help, and take action to the extent that she can. Her commitment pays off in a realistic way, and shows admirable reciprocity. This lovely book has themes that are relevant for many, many people. Alzheimer’s is common, and can be very confusing – especially to a child. Not only does this book explain the condition, but it shows an accessible path to coping, and more importantly, honoring our elders. 

Have you dealt with Alzheimer’s in some way, maybe through a relative? Please send in any first-hand stories you’d like to share.


“‘Well, now I can help out at home,’ Giselle said, ‘I will put sticky notes on the wall to help Nonnie remember stuff, and I’ll sing her favorite songs, because that also helps with memory.'”

Other information:

This book was written by a talented young lady, inspired by her own family and experience. She dedicated herself to educating young minds while also pursuing professional achievement. 

Number of pages: 15 
Language: English