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I Want my hat back

Written & illustrated by: Jon Klassen
Approximate read time: 6 minutes
Age group: 4 – 8
Rating: B

If you’re looking for a quirky book with dry humor, I Want My Hat Back will be a good fit. This book is also ideal for a quick read, as it moves quickly. It’s almost deadpan comical, with only brief exchanges between characters, which drive the story. Our unnamed protagonist is a polite bear, whose hat has gone missing. He sets off on the misadventure of recovering it by inquiring with his forest friends. Suddenly, we come across a startling clue, which the bear pursues to a hilarious conclusion. This guy clearly doesn’t put up with any shenanigans. The illustrations are pleasing in their stark simplicity. 

I suspect this book will inspire strong sentiment in either direction; how did your little one react, did they find it funny?

“Have you seen my hat?
No. I haven’t seen your hat. 
Ok. Thank you anyway.”

Other information:
New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2011
Geisel Award Honor Book
Published by: Candlewick
Number of pages: 40
Language: English

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