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The Sweet Tooth

Written by: Margie Palatini  
Illustrated: Jack E. Davis 
Approximate read time: 9 minutes
Age group: 4 – 8
Rating: B

Are you looking for larger-than-life illustrations, warts and all? That’s what you’ll find in the pages of The Sweet Tooth. It’s an interesting story about a young boy with a sweet tooth that has taken on a personality of its own, demanding sweets and eschewing all manner of vegetables and other healthy foods. The read time is about 10 minutes for the casual reader. The story is charming, and resolves itself neatly and without magical or unrealistic shortcuts. This is actually the best part of this book – the protagonist has to discipline himself into a resolution, and the reader gets to see the struggle. It is a relevant context for introducing children to the reality of dealing with bad habits, which we all struggle with in some way or another. You’ll find this book a good dialogue starter with your kid, especially if you’ve experienced sugar battles!
Please let me know if you’ve read this book; was it mostly entertaining, or has it been helpful with engaging your child in changing a habit?

“This is Stewart. Your typical, average, everyday kid. Except- for one thing… Ahh, yes, there it is all right. The molar in the back. You’re probably saying, ‘A tooth? What’s the big deal about a tooth?’ And ordinarily you would be correct… But that- is no ordinary tooth…”

Other information:
Published by: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Number of pages: 40
Language: English

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