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Fred Gets Dressed

Book Review: Fred Gets Dressed

Written & illustrated by: Peter Brown
Approximate read time: 8 minutes
Age group: 3 – 6
Rating: A

There’s just something about this book. Fred Gets Dressed is a quirky, fun read that’ll have you in giggles from start to finish. We follow a little boy that is delighted to romp around the house in his birthday suit. He finds himself intrigued within his parents’ closet – he has two wardrobe options, and only one fits just right. His parents respond perfectly to their kiddo’s creative expression. The uplifting story is light and silly, while also cognizant of a much deeper meaning. It’s reflective for our modern values, and simply joyful. The illustrations are uniquely adorable and well-suited, no pun intended. 

Do your kiddos occasionally have free range to romp around in their desired state of dress?  

“He romps around his bedroom and across the hall…and into Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Fred might never get dressed!”

Other information:
Published by: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Number of pages: 48
Language: English

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