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Inky the Octopus

Book Review: Inky The Octopus

Written by: Erin Guendelsberger  
Illustrated by: David Leonard  
Approximate read time: 9 minutes
Age group: 4 – 10
Rating: B+

Courage, curiosity, and color! Inky the Octopus is a sweet, quick read about a willful octopus with a thirst for adventure. The character appears to be gender-neutral, and is beautifully-illustrated- as is the rest of the book. Inky and Blotchy, an equally-colorful octopus friend,  appreciate the lifestyle their aquarium provides. Inky longs for more, however, and decides to venture out to the ocean. The story doesn’t present much conflict; it is cheerful and creatively rhymed. The real kicker is that it’s actually based on a true story. This is a perfect book for any kiddo that loves the sea and stories about adventuring animals, especially the section at the end dedicated to trivia and scientific perspective.

If you’ve read this book, what was your favorite part? Mine were the rhymes and the illustrations!

“But can I leave my life, my friends,
and all I’ve ever known?
My hearts say… Yes! Today’s the day
To strike out on my own.”

Other information:
Based on a true story – Published in partnership with the National Aquarium of New Zealand.Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Book of the Year (Ages 5-9)
Florida Sunshine State Young Readers Award Winner
Published by: Sourcebooks Wonderland
Number of pages: 32
Language: English

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